Pool tables are not only heavy and wide, but they are also fragile. Taking the DIY route to move one is not a good idea, as it can lead to injury and damage. If you’re moving a table from one room to another, consider getting the help of a professional mover. You’ll want to use lifting straps for the heavier table parts and wear slip-resistant shoes.


Before moving your pool table, take measurements of any pathways or doorways. You’ll also need to remove doors, if necessary. Then, remove any ball pockets – these are often screwed or stapled to the table. This way, you can move the table safely.


Moving a pool table can be complicated, but it’s possible if you have the right tools. A pool table can consist of numerous individual pieces, so you’ll need to organize your tools and supplies accordingly. Finding an old instruction manual or another one before disassembling the table is best. Label boxes or bags with the parts that you’re taking apart.


The top part of a pool table is made of slate. This material is weighty and can easily break. You’ll need several people to move a table with a slate top, so hiring professionals is best. You may also be able to use a power drill to break the slate apart.


Before attempting to move your pool table, removing all the balls is essential. Next, you need to lift one end of the table. Make sure you have two friends near the other corners of the table. Then, tilt the table so you can slide dollies underneath each corner.


Before moving a pool table, ensure all parts are properly labeled. That way, reassembling the table will be easier. You can make a move if you have a team of two to four people. Make sure everyone has the proper equipment and is prepared to work together.


Before hiring a professional pool table mover, consider the moving company’s fee. It depends on several factors, including the table’s size and the distance you need it to be transported. It would help if you also inquired about the table’s features, such as pockets or a ball return system. It may be worth paying a little extra for these add-ons, especially if the table requires a professional tune-up.


Before attempting to move a pool table yourself, ensure you have the appropriate tools and materials. A power drill and a socket wrench will come in handy, as well as thick moving blankets. You will also need a staple remover to remove the felt from the table. You can purchase these at Staples or office supply stores. Be sure to label the parts of the pool table.


You can move a pool table yourself if you have the right tools. But follow the proper procedures and precautions to avoid injury and damage. If unsure of what you’re doing, contact the company that made your pool table and ask for instructions. Professionals are more experienced and will move the table efficiently.