Hiring local movers is an excellent way to ensure a smooth move. Local movers are often more reliable than national chains. You can always ask friends and family for recommendations. You can also check the Better Business Bureau for local moving companies. Moreover, regional moving companies must have all the necessary permits and insurance for your protection.


Before hiring a local mover, you should check their online reviews and testimonials. A good moving company will have satisfied clients. You can ask to speak to past clients if a company does not have any customer testimonials online. A company that does not have any references may not be trustworthy.


It would help if you did not settle for the first offer you get. Moreover, it would help if you stayed away from lowball offers, as these are a sign of moving fraud. Be familiar with the red flags and choose the local movers that offer a fair price. Additionally, you should also check the online reputation of the moving company. You should avoid hiring if they have negative customer testimonials or a low overall rating.


While hiring local movers, you should remember that the cost of the move is usually based on the number of hours of labor. It is also advisable to tip the workers accordingly.


Hiring local movers is an excellent way to save money and time. However, it is essential to find out their insurance coverage and deductible. Make sure you sign a contract with the moving company before hiring them. It is best to hire a local company if you have many items.


But a local company will have experience moving in some of the most challenging buildings. This way, they can anticipate any moving restrictions or landlord requirements. Local movers usually charge an hourly rate. Suppose you hire three movers to move a two-bedroom apartment locally. If you hire local movers, make sure they provide written quotes. Low-ball estimates are usually a red flag and should be avoided.